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Your Video Editor, Owner Operator, Richard Kretchmer has over 25 years experience
in Corporate Communications, Training Videos, Cable Television, and Broadcast Television.

Richard Kretchmer is a 5-time New York and Mid-Atlantic EMMY® Statue winner.


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Video Editing NJ
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Our HD & SD video editing services are located in Northern New Jersey

dpsVelocity Screen Shot of Video Editing NJEven if you have never created a video before, Video Editing NJ has the expertise and experience to ensure to that your video will exceed your expectations.  Richard, our editor, has been a video Editor as well as a video Director for more than 25 years.  He has 5 Emmy® Statues and 12 Emmy® nominations.

We offer broadcast quality High Definition and Standard Definition video editing.  Located in Morris County New Jersey, we offer a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.  Our video editing software includes Final Cut Pro Studio, Adobe Premiere Production Premium suite, and the dpsVelocity system.  These video editing solutions, along with our years of experience, translate into a win win situation for our clients. Our video editing services are conveniently located in Morristown, NJ, a one hour train trip from New Your City.

As added value to our customers, we offer multiple music libraries, 30,000+ sound effects, 6,000+ stock video clips and hundreds of animations.

After we have edited your video we can create a Blu-ray disk, DVD disk, and/or make a digital file for playback on your website or YouTube.

Below are details about our video editing system.  Please call us at our Morristown, New Jersey location if you have any questions.  973 993 5757

If you need full video production services, from script to screen, please visit our main website at: RainbowVideo.Net

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Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Production Premium

  After Effects
  Media Encoder

Final Cut Pro Studio

 Final Cut 7
 Final Cut X

Sorenson Squeeze conversion software

  Royalty Free Libraries
     Multiple Stock Music Libraries
     Stock Video Footage Libraries
     Sound Effects Library
     Stock Animation Libraries
      animated backgrounds
      animated effects
  Flatbed Scanners (8" x 11")
  Broadband Internet Connection
  Wireless Internet Access



  12-core Mac Pro
  10 Terabyte Raid storage
  AJA HD break out box 
  High Definition & Standard Definition
  Blu-ray HD and DVD Disk Burner


  Sony 32" 1080/24P High Definition monitor
  JVC 16" Standard Definition test monitor
  Bose stereo speaker system
  Digital File Input/Output Devices
    50-in-One Card Reader
  Blu-ray DB-R, & DB-RE
    DVD, DVD-/+R, & DVD-/+RW
    CD, CD-R & CD-RW
    Thumb Drive
  Graphic Input
    Most file formats
    Digital animation sequences
  Audio Input
    Most file formats
    Audio CD 
  Digital File Output
    AVI, MPEG 1,  MPEG 2, MPEG 4, Flash, & Quick Time
    Internet Video Streaming
    Blu-ray and DVD Authoring
    Digital still images and sequences
  Feeders/Recorders/Tape Formats
    50-in-One Card Reader
    BetaCam SP & BetaCam
    Mini-DV w/PCM Digital Audio
    DVD Player/Recorder/Burner
    Blu-ray Player/Burner
    VHS & Super VHS w/DigiPure Technology
    Super VHS ET w/DigiPure Technology
    "Your Camcorder" or "VCR" via
      SDI digital video
      HDMI HD video
      Component video
      Composite video



If the information above is just too technical, please call Richard or Susan at 973 993 5757. 
We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Also be sure to look at our video editing tips page that will save you time and money when you come and edit your video at our friendly convenient  Morristown, NJ location.  We look forward to working with you.


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Non-Linear Video Editing in NJ
Our video editing services are located in Morristown, New Jersey 07960

Contact us at: 973 993 5757   

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Video Editing NJ video editing services are conveniently located in Northern, NJ 
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